Board Meeting May 2022

In May of 2022, JCAP board members convened a group of lawyers, law students, law professors, and NGO’s at Toronto Metropolitan University in Toronto. The attendees have worked with JCAP over the years, and held an in-depth meeting to discuss Developing Corporate Accountability Law & Strengthening Legal Support for the Movement in Canada.

We discussed the possibility of creating a national legal structure of some sort to advance the law and teach students. We also received feedback Karen Hamilton from Above Ground, Emily Dwyer from the Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability, Catherine Coumans from MiningWatch Canada, about how law school clinics could be helpful.    

No solution for corporate impunity (yet), but it was good to get back together in the same room after 2 years of COVID.

Thanks to Charis Kamphuis for organizing,  the BC Law Foundation for funding, Sari Graben and Toronto Metropolitan University for hosting the event and Danielle Blanchard for administrative support.