JCAP specializes in supporting litigation and legal work at the intersection of transnational corporate activities, resource extraction, and communities. Our approach to working with communities is guided by the following principles:

  • Community self-determination – We provide legal support to communities who are asserting their rights in the face of exploitative transnational resource extraction by assisting them in launching complaints using domestic, transnational, international and regional legal regimes and corporate social responsibility mechanisms.

  • Corporate accountability  – We work collaboratively with a global network of civil society actors concerned by the negative impacts of transnational resource extraction. We support the corporate accountability movement by providing actors within this movement with high quality and relevant  legal work and academic research.

  • Transnational legal activism – We ensure that law students gain the skills and experience needed to practice community-based lawyering in the global economy.  Our law students are supervised by pro bono lawyers and are assigned legal work that is directly related to the concerns and needs expressed by specific communities and global civil society actors.