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The Canadian company mining hills of silver – and the people dying to stop it

The Canadian company mining hills of silver – and the people dying to stop it. In Guatemala, one of the world’s largest silver deposits reaps millions for its Canadian owners but for local farmers the price is their land and even their lives.

Nina Lakhani | The Guardian
July 13, 2017

Guatemalan Miners Can Sue Firm in Canada, Appeal Court Rules

British Columbia’s top court is allowing seven Guatemalan residents to sue Canadian mining giant Tahoe Resources Inc. in Canada for a shooting that took place in Guatemala. The B.C. Court of Appeal’s unanimous decision in Garcia v Tahoe Inc. 2017 BCCA 39 should make Canadian companies with overseas operations take notice, says lawyers working on transnational human rights litigation.

Kim Arnott | Lawyers Weekly
February 17, 2017

Mining company tied to Reno facing new scrutiny operations in Guatemala

A mining company with offices in Reno is facing renewed scrutiny by a Canadian
Guatemalan silver mine. The Justice and Corporate Accountability Project, which represents human rights asked the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate Tahoe Resources, a company that owns the Escobal Mine in southern Guatemala. The organizations did not disclose lawsuits to investors.

Jose Olivares | Reno Gazette-Journal
September 6, 2016

Canadian company tried to stop referendum on mine in Guatemala

A Toronto legal aid group is calling on the American securities regulator to investigate a Canadian mining company for failing to disclose a secret lawsuit aimed at preventing a referendum on its silver mine.

Marco Chown Oved | Toronto Star
August 11, 2016

Speaker’s Corner: Mining company lawsuit shows need for international law reform

In a case that once again demonstrates the lack of international legal protections, a civil suit filed against Tahoe Resources Inc. alleges the Vancouver-headquartered mining company is liable for injuries sustained by seven Guatemalan men at a protest in April 2013.
The suit, filed in Vancouver this June on behalf of the men, alleges that a private security firm engaged by Tahoe shot protesters at close range and caused serious injuries. Six of the plaintiffs are farmers while the seventh is a local student who was a minor at the time of the incident. Tahoe had received an exploration licence for its Escobal mine near the Guatemalan municipality of San Rafael Las Flores last year.

Sarah Molyneaux and Shin Imai | Law Times
October 20, 2014

Clashes as Guatemalan communities fight mine

On the outskirts of San Rafael las Flores, the Escobal silver mine is an imposing complex of smoking chimneys, processing plants, huge heaps of earth and dozens of trucks, bustling 24 hours a day under the watchful gaze of armed security. The deep underground mine, owned by Canadian company Tahoe Resources, is slap bang in the middle of Guatemala’s southern agricultural heartlands where most families eke out a living growing maize, beans, coffee, avocados, cabbage, bananas and peaches.

Nina Lakhani | BBC News
June 6, 2014