The Two Faces of Canadian Diplomacy: Undermining International Institutions to Support Canadian Mining

This report documents the Canadian governments political support for Goldcorps Marlin Mine in relation to proceedings initiated by Indigenous Peoples in Guatemala before an international human rights body. It documents and analyzes the actions of officials from the then named Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade & Development (DFATD) and the Canadian Embassy to Guatemala in response to the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights (IACHR) precautionary measures requesting that the Government of Guatemala suspend the Marlin Mine. Federal ATI records reveal that Canada undertook a multifaceted strategy to influence the IACHR proceedings in favour of Goldcorp and to counteract the suspension measure recommended to protect Indigenous communities from the harms alleged.

File Type: cfm
Categories: Guatemala, International Law, Responsibility of Canada
Author: Charis Kamphuis, Charlotte Connolly