Mollohuanca Cruz & Association of Livestock Producers of Huinipampa-Espinar v. Ministry of the Interior of Peru, et al

This amicus curiae brief offers the Constitutional Court of Peru information about some of the instruments of international law and policy that are relevant to the adjudication of a case that raises serious questions regarding the constitutionality of a series of 'extraordinary and complementary' services contracts formed between mining company Xstrata Tintaya (now Antapaccay Mining) and the Peruvian National Police Force (?PNP?) with the objective of providing security services to the infrastructure and personnel associated with Tintaya Mine (now Antapaccay), located in Espinar Province in the Department of Cusco. This case is important because the terms of the Tintaya-PNP contract are very similar to a number of other contracts that the amicus authors have personally examined between foreign resource companies and the PNP.

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Categories: Interventions and Amicus Curiae Briefs
Author: Charis Kamphuis