Land Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Africa, Second Edition

There are indigenous communities in Africa. These are communities whose ways of life were not taken into account by most post-colonial African policies, a historical injustice that has led to their particular severe marginalization, including dispossession of ancestral lands and inaccessibility to several rights and freedoms enjoyed by the rest of their fellow citizens. Within this human rights-related meaning of the concept ?indigenous?, understandably not all Africans can be considered as being indigenous. Communities such as the San of Southern Africa,1 the hunter-gatherers of African tropical forests and the pastoralists of arid lands in several parts of Africa call not for special rights but for redress of historical injustices and enjoyment of all rights on the same footing as the rest of their countrymen and -women.

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Categories: Indigenous Peoples and Consent, Kenya
Author: International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs