Listed by date where available

Shell Game: How Offshore Havens, Loop-holes and Federal Cost-Cutting Undermine Tax Fairness, A Survey (2018)

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Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada
July 2018

Designing a Legal Regime to Capture Capital Gains Tax on Indirect Tranfers of Mineral and Petroleum Rights (2017)

A Practical Guide:

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Perrine Toledano, John Bush and Jacky Mandelbaum: International Senior Lawyers Project
October 2017

Revealed: Oil Giants Pay Billions Less Tax in Canada than Abroad (2017)

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Martin Lukacs
October 2017

Many Ways to Lose a Billion: How Governments Fail to Secure a Fair Share of Natural Resources Wealth (2017)

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Don Hubert | Publish What You Pay Canada

Large scale mining: Do they pay the taxes they should? The Yanacocha Case (2014)

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By: Raúl Wiener and Juan Torres
December 2014

Tax Regimes on Mining in Latin America (2013)

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By: Pablo Heidrich, The North-South Institute
September 2013

Undermining the Poor: Mineral Taxation Reforms in Latin America

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Christian Aid
September 2009