Indigenous Peoples and Consent

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Free Prior and Informed Consent in the Extractive Industries in Southern Africa: (2018)

“An analysis of legislation and their implementation in Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Zambia”

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Oxfam, Legal Resource Centre

Extractive Industries, Land Rights and Indigenous Populations’/Communities’ Rights (2017)

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African Commission on Human and Peoples’s Rights and IWGIA

In Defense of Life: Land, Territory and Environmental Defenders at Risk (2017)

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Peace Brigades International – Mexico Proyect
November 2017

Combatting Corruption in Mining Approvals (2017)

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Transparency International: Lisa Caripis

Report on Extractive Industries, Land Rights and Indigenous Populations / Communities Rights (2017)

East, Central and Southern Africa

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African Commission’s Working Group on Indigenous Populations/Communities

Testing Community Consent: Tullow Oil Project in Kenya (2017)

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Dan Mullins and Justus Wambayi, Oxfam Briefing Paper
November 2017

More than half of global land rights disputes unresolved – research (2017)

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Astrid Zweynert
3 October 2017

Mining and Indigenous Peoples in Colombia (2016)

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Ana Cecilia Betancur and William Villa/ IWGIA
February 2016

Community Protocols: A Toolkit for Community Facilitators (IV Parts) (2015)

Part I: Understanding and Using the Toolkit
Part II: Developing a Community Protocol
Part III: Using a Community Protocol
Part IV: Reflecting, Reporting, Revising

Community Protocols

Unfulfilled promises of the consultation approach: the limits to effective indigenous participation in Bolivia’s and Peru’s extractive industries (2015)

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By: Riccarda Flemmer and Almut Schilling‐Vacaflor

Indigenous Peoples Communities of African Descent Extractive Industries (2015)

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Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
December 2015

Understanding Successful Approaches to Free, Prior, and Informed Consent in Canada: Part I (2015)

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Boreal Leadership Council
September 2015

Business and Human Rights: Interpreting the UN Guiding Principles for Indigenous Peoples (2014)

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June 2014

Indigenous Rights Risk Report (2014)

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First Peoples Worldwide
November 2014

KAIROS Participatory Research with partners on Free, Prior and Informed Consent: (2014)

CEIBA’s Experience in Guatemala

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September 2014

Land Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Africa, Second Edition (2014)

With Special Focus on Central, Eastern and Southern Africa

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Albert Kwokwo Barume (IWGIA)
March 2014

Community Consent Index 2012: Oil, Gas, and Mining Company Public Positions on FPIC (2012)

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Conflict Management and Corporate Culture in the Extractive Industries: A Study in Peru (2012)

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By: Rees, Caroline, Deanna Kemp and Rachel Davis
Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative
September 2012

Consultation and Cumulative Effects: Is there a role for the duty to consult in addressing concerns about over-development? (2012)

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By: Andrea Bradley and Michael McClurg
July 2012

Democratizing Resource Governance through Prior Consultations? Lessons from Bolivia’s Hydrocarbon Sector (2012)

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By: Almut Schilling-Vacaflor
January 2012

Indigenous and Tribal Peoples’ Rights Over Their Ancestral Lands and Natural Resources (2010)

“Norms and Jurisprudence of the Inter‐American Human Rights System”

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Inter-Americal Commission on Human Rights

Mining Conflicts and Indigenous Peoples in Guatemala (2009)

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Joris van de Sandt
September 2009

Indigenous rights, Indigenous wrongs: risks for the resource sector (2007)

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Ethical Investment Research Services
October 2007

The Right to Decide – The Importance of Respecting Free, Prior and Informed Consent

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Amazon Watch