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Violated Collective Rights: Peru, The Multidimensional Impact of Extractive and Infrastructure Projects (2020)

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Rights and Resources Initiative & Amazon Conservation Team

December 2020

The Shadow of Oil – English Summary (2020)

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Coordinadora Nacional de Derechos Humanos

February 2020

Authorized to Steal: Organized Crime Networks Launder Illegal Timber from the Peruvian Amazon (2019)

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Center for International Environmental Law


Jen Moore v. Minister of the Interior of Peru et al (Amicus Curiae Brief) (April 2018)

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Kamphuis, Charis

April 2018

Mining, Political Settlements and Inclusive Development in Peru (2017)

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Cynthia A. Sanborn, Tania Ramírez and Verónica Hurtado

May 2017

Corporate Social Responsibility and Political Settlements in the Mining Sector in Ghana, Zambia and Peru (2017)

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Tomas Frederiksen

January 2017

Water Pollution in the Influence Area of Glencore in Espinar (2015)

“Legal Report to the Special Procedures of the United Nations Human Rights Council”

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European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights

May 2015

How The World Bank Is Financing Environmental Destruction (2015)

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Ben Hallman and Roxana Olivera, Huffington Post

April 2015

Unfulfilled Promises of the Consultation Approach: The Limits to Effective Indigenous Participation in Bolivia’s and Peru’s Extractive Industries (2015)

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Riccarda Flemmer and Almut Schilling‐Vacaflor


Fool’s Gold: The limits of tying aid to mining companies | Toronto Star (2014)

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Marco Chown Oved, Foreign Affairs Reporter

December 2014

Large scale mining: Do they pay the taxes they should? The Yanacocha case (2014)

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Raúl Wiener and Juan Torres

December 2014

Summary of Reports on Mining and Development in the Province of Espinar, Peru (2014)

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Gerardo Castillo Guzmán, Oxfam America


Listening to the City of Cajamarca: A Study Commissioned by Minera Yanacocha (2013)

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Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining

March 2013

Conflict Management and Corporate Culture in the Extractive Industries: A Study in Peru (2012)

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Rees, Caroline, Deanna Kemp and Rachel Davis
Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative

September 2012

Study of the Environmental Assessment for the Conga Mining Project in Cajamarca, Peru (2012)

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WWF – Netherlands

June 2012