Barrick Gold

Listed by date:

Mining and Extractive Companies: Promises and Progress (2018)

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Facing Finance: Dirty Profits

Pillar III on the Ground: An Independent Assessment of the Porgera Remedy Framework (2016)

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Yousuf Aftab, Enodo Rights
March 6, 2016

Righting Wrongs? Barrick Gold’s Remedy Mechanism for Sexual Violence in Papua New Guinea (2015)

Key Concerns and Lessons Learned

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Columbia Law School Human Rights Clinic & Harvard Law School International Human Rights Clinic
November 2015

Gold’s Costly Dividend: Human Rights Impacts of Papua New Guinea’s Porgera Gold Mine (2010)

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Human Rights Watch

Barrick’s Dirty Secrets: Communities Worldwide Respond to Gold Mining’s Impacts (2007)

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May 2007