Indigenous Rights in Canada

Supreme Court of Canada Cases Strengthen Argument for Municipal Obligation to Discharge Duty to Consult: Time to Put Neskonlith to Rest (2019)

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Angela D’Elia Decembrini and Shin Imai, Alberta Law Review

July 2019

Stepping Into Canada’s Shoes: Tsilhqot’in, Grassy Narrows and the Division of Powers (2016)

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Bruce McIvor and Kate Gunn


Consult, Consent and Veto: International Norms and Canadian Treaties (2016)

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Shin Imai, in The Right Relationship edited by Michael Coyle and John Borrows

February 2016

Moving Backwards: Does the Lack of Duty to Consult Create the Right to Infringe Aboriginal and Treaty Rights? (2013)

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Shin Imai and Ashley Stacey

March 2013

Indigenous Self-Determination and the State (2008)

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Shin Imai, Indigenous Peoples and the Law: Comparative and Critical Perspectives

September 2008