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The Impact of Small Scale Mining Operations on Economies and Livlihoods in Low to Middle Income Countries

Dr Maria Laura Barreto, Patrick Schein, Dr. Jennifer Hinton, Dr. Felix Hruschka
January 2018

Report on Extractive Industries, Land Rights and Indigenous Populations/Communities Rights: East, Central and Southern Africa

African Commission’s Working Group on Indigenous Populations/Communities

Mining in Africa: Are Local Communities Better Off?

Africa Development Forum: Punam Chuhan-Pole, Andrew L. Dabalen, and Bryan Christopher Land

Testing Community Consent: Tullow Oil Project in Kenya

Dan Mullins and Justus Wambayi, Oxfam Briefing Paper
November 2017

REPORT SERIES – How Home Governments Can Incentivise Responsible Business Conduct of Extractive Companies Operating Abroad:

1. Overview of the Key International Standards
2. Reporting Requirements
3. Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives
4. Innovative New Approaches
5. The Role of Capital Markets
Institute for Human Rights and Business
March 2017

Human Rights in Kenya’s Extractive Sector: Exploring the Terrain

Institute for Human Rights and Business
December 2016

Stakeholder Engagement in Kenya’s Extractive Sector: Principles & Pointers

Institute for Human Rights and Business
September 2016

A People in the way of Progress: Prostitution, alcoholism and a lawsuit on illegal land acquisition in the Lake Turkana Wind Power project

Summary Memorandum

May 2016

Meeting Report- Second Workshop of the Extractive Sector Forum in Kenya – Stakeholder Engagement: Getting it Right

Institute for Human Rights and Business
April 2016

The Extractive Sector Forum: First Workshop Report –  Understanding the Kenyan Extractive Sector: The Players and Their Roles

Institute for Human Rights and Business
February 2016