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BCSC – Request to Investigate Tahoe Resources for Failure to Disclose Material Information

By: Shin Imai

Litigating Indigenous Dispossession in the Global Economy: Law’s Promises and Pitfalls

By: Charis Kamphuis

The “Canada Brand”: Violence and Canadian Mining Companies in Latin America

By: Imai, Shin, Leah Gardner, and Sarah Weinberger.

Stepping Into Canada’s Shoes: Tsilhqot’in, Grassy Narrows and the Division of Powers

By: McIvor, Bruce and Gunn, Kate
67 UNBLJ 146 – 166

“Will Canadian companies be held responsible for their actions abroad?” Opinion in the Globe and Mail, Toronto

By: Imai, Shin
July 31, 2013

Accountability Across Borders: Canadian Mining in Guatemala and the Canadian Justice System

By: Imai, Shin, Bernadette Maheandiran and Valerie Crystal
Osgoode CLPE Research Paper No. 26/2012.

Breaching Indigenous Law: Canadian Mining in Guatemala

By: Imai, Shin, Ladan Mehranvar and Jennifer Sander
6:1 Indigenous Law Journal 102-139.

Canadian Mining Companies and Domestic Law Reform: A critical legal account

By: Kamphuis, Charis
13:9 German Law Journal 1459-1489.

Foreign Mining, Law and the Privatization of Property: A case study from Peru

By: Kamphuis, Charis
3:2 Journal of Human Rights and the Environment 217-253.

Foreign Investment and the Privatization of Coercion: the Forza Security Company in Peru

By: Kamphuis, Charis
37:2 Brooklyn Journal of International Law 459-508.

Goldcorp and Hudbay in Guatemala (August 2011 Update)

By: Maheandiran, Bernadette

Goldcorp and Hudbay Minerals in Guatemala (2010 Update)

By: Maheandiran, Bernadette, Jessica DiFederico, Rolando Aguilera and Shin Imai
Osgoode CLPE Research Paper No. 09/2010.

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