Ombudsperson for the Extractive Sector

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Oversight urged for Canadian Mining Firms Abroad

Well before his Liberal Party regained power in 2015, Canadian Member of Parliament John McKay argued for tighter government control over the conduct of Canada’s mining companies abroad, particularly in the areas of environment and human rights.

Celeste Mackenzie | EcoAmericas
May 2017

Independent accountability needed for Canadian mining companies abroad

Over 20,000 people from the mining industry gathered in Toronto for the annual conference of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada last week. This is known as one of the largest mining conferences in the world and reflects Canada’s worldwide dominance in the mining industry.

Charis Kamphuis, Penelope Simons, Shin Imai | The Hill Times
March 15, 2017

Fulfill mining ombudsperson promise, academics tell Liberals

Allegations of harm by Canadian extractive companies overseas should be investigated by a federal ombudsperson, say professors joining an international campaign pushing the Liberal’s to follow through on a pledge made during the 2015 election campaign.

James Munson | iPolitics
March 14, 2017

Not-so-innocent abroad

Like it or not, Canadian mining companies have a growing reputation in the developing world as bad actors who commit and condone environmental and human rights abuse. Would the appointment of an independent federal ombudsman help us clean up our act?

Kerry Banks | Listed Magazine
March 2, 2017

Let courts, mediators decide on mining disputes abroad, says lobby group

While human rights groups are pushing for stronger government oversight of mining companies’ conduct abroad, executives from a national mining lobby group say Canadian courts and existing mediation bodies should be allowed to do their work.

Peter Mazereeuw | The Hill Times
April 27, 2016

Government backs disputed mining institute

The Trudeau government will continue to support a Harper-era organization that aims to help developing countries to grow and regulate their mining industries.
That support, confirmed by a spokesperson for Global Affairs Canada, comes despite ongoing criticism of the organization known as the Canadian International Resources and Development Institute from a student-led advocacy group, as well as MiningWatch Canada.

Peter Mazereeuw | Embassy
February 17, 2016

Feds won’t change Harper-era mining ethics office

he Trudeau government won’t be making changes to the role of a controversial corporate social responsibility counsellor for the mining sector, according to a government spokesperson.
The Office of the Extractive Sector Corporate Social Responsibility Counsellor has been criticized in the past by advocates for tougher action by Canada on human rights abuses connected to Canadian-owned mines abroad.

Peter Mazereeuw | Embassy
February 2, 2016

Digging in Foreign Lands

Canada’s mining industry accounts for nearly half of the world’s mining and mineral-exploration activity. But who holds Canadian operations abroad accountable when workplace-safety violations occur, and what standards are they required to live up to? Claims of Canadian companies disregarding the rights of foreign workers and changes to Canada’s corporate social responsibility strategy are throwing a spotlight on the way our extractive sector does business abroad.

Carmelle Wolfson | OHS Canada Magazine
April 22, 2015