Tullow Oil PLC: Lake Albert Exploration Project – Human Rights Risk Assessment

Tullow was one of the first companies to begin modern oil exploration in Uganda and has invested considerable resources in the country, both for project development and local infrastructure. Given the economic potential for Uganda associated with petroleum development, Tullow has been under close public examination, particularly in the past year. As the project approaches the production phase, that scrutiny is likely to intensify. The Government of Uganda, recognizing this, has limited the public?s access to the project, manning checkpoints with presidential security guards and directing western embassies to avoid travel to the area. Tullow has not expressed a position on the government?s closed-door approach, however, NGOs that partnered with the company in the past have experienced increasing restrictions in access to areas they used to visit freely, which Tullow has taken no action to mitigate.

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Categories: Kenya
Author: Global Human Rights, NomoGaia