Re: Tahoe Resources (TSX:THO/NYSE:TAHO) (2016)

The following is a request to investigate Tahoe Resources Inc. (Tahoe). 1. Does Tahoe meet the requirements of a foreign private issuer 2. Has Tahoe failed to disclose material information, including a. the extent of community opposition and political instability that could ultimately lead to an inability to expand; b. litigation that is not ordinary routine litigation incidental to the business, namely lawsuits by Tahoe?s subsidiary in Guatemala, Mineral San Rafael (MSR) against the President of Guatemala and other government entities to provide MSR with more protection from protesters; and litigation to stop or invalidate community plebiscites on whether to accept or reject mining c. key information relating to human rights violations. 3. Does the failure to disclose the above information give rise to personal liability, pursuant to Exchange Act Rule 10b-5.

File Type: pdf
Categories: Securities Regulation and Disclosure of Material Information
Author: Shin Imai