Kukama Womens Federation (Huaynakana Kamatahuara Kana Federation) v PETROPERU, Ministry of the Environment and others., et al (Amicus Curiae Brief)

We, Calvin Sandborn, QC, from the Environmental Law Centre at the University of Victoria in Canada, and Professors Charis Kamphuis and Shin Imai, and lawyer Isabel Davila, members of the Justice and Corporate Accountability Project (JCAP), also in Canada, respectfully present this amicus curiae brief. Its objective is to describe legal developments in Canada that we believe will be useful for this court's consideration when presiding over the Kukama Women's Federation's (Huaynakana Kamatahuara Kana Federation) case in defense of the Maran River and Kukama Indigenous peoples? rights in the region of Loreto, Peru.

File Type: pdf
Categories: Interventions and Amicus Curiae Briefs
Author: Calvin Sandborn, Charis Kamphuis