Human Rights, Indigenous Rights and Canadas Extraterritorial Obligations

In October 2013, the Commission heard from the Working Group on Mining and Human Rights in Latin America concerning systematic Indigenous and human rights violations experienced by mining-affected communities. They profiled 22 case studies prepared by civil society groups in Latin America. Their report points to a troubling pattern of abuses involving Canadian companies with strong support from the Canadian state. We wish to contribute our perspective as Canadian organizations who work with mining-affected communities in the region and who work for corporate accountability and respect for Indigenous and human rights at home. For example, the ?Open for Justice? campaign calls for legislated access to Canadian courts and the appointment of an independent ombudsman to provide vehicles for redress when Canadian companies are involved in abuses abroad. In June, 2014, the Permanent Peoples Tribunal held a session on the Canadian Mining Industry in Latin America and concluded that Canada has failed to take steps to address accountability issues related to its promotion of mining. These recommendations address corporate and Canadian state responsibilities.

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Author: Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability, JCAP