Handling Extractives Related Grievances in Kenya – A Guide for Judicial OffIcers

The process towards the development of this Guide commenced with a Listening Project on Tracing and Documenting Grievances and Grievance Handling Mechanisms in the Oil and Gas Sector in Kenya: Experiences from Turkana County conducted by the Extractives Baraza. The Project, conducted between June and August 2018 in the Lokichar Basin of Turkana East and South, sought to establish, through qualitative field study, local perceptions and understanding of oil related grievances and preferred grievance-handling mechanisms ( judicial and/or non-judicial). This was an expansion of the Extractives Baraza?s Pilot Listening Project conducted in April 2017 in Mui Basin, a coal rich region in Kitui County. The study applied participatory research methods involving the use of interviews, observation, community meetings, grievance identification and visioning testimonials, timeline and event analysis, and engagement with state authorities, civil society actors and the investor. A total of 362 participants participated in the Project-largely comprising those closest to the oil resource and most impacted by the day-to- day activities of the oil operations.

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Categories: Grievance Mechanisms
Author: Francis Kariuki, Geoffrey Kerecha, James Kirwa