Complicity in Destruction IV: How Mining Companies and International Investors Drive Indigenous Human Rights Violations

This fourth edition of the Complicity in Destruction series, developed jointly by the Association of Brazil?s Indigenous Peoples (APIB) and Amazon Watch, briefly summarizes the history of large-scale mining in Brazil, with particular focus on its encroachment upon Indigenous lands, and highlights the growing momentum that the activity has gained under the Bolsonaro administration. Mining contaminates rivers, degrades forests, leaves entire communities without access to water, and toxic mud can even destroy or sweep them away. The vast and widely reported socio-environmental disasters of Mariana and Brumadinho have already shown the world that mining ? and the negligence of mining companies ? can leave a trail of human rights violations and ecosystems in collapse. Today, this deadly industry casts its shadow over Brazilian Indigenous territories and the Amazon rainforest

File Type: pdf
Categories: Brazil, Indigenous Peoples and Consent
Author: Amazon Watch; Articulacao doe Povos Indigenas do Brasil