Combatting Corruption in Mining Approvals

Transparent and accountable mining can contribute to sustainable development. This begins with Corruption-free approvals - the very first link in the mining value chain when decisions are made about whether, where, and under what circumstances to permit mining, including who is awarded licences or contracts. Corruption in mining approvals can result in environmentally unsound and socially destructive mining projects being approved, rights to a country?s mineral wealth being granted to unqualified or unethical operators, and politicians or government officials taking advantage of their position to profit from their interests in the sector. Corruption at the start of the mine lifecycle compromises the rest of the process ? impairing how operations are monitored and regulated, undermining the collection of taxes and royalties and damaging the mining industry?s social licence to operate.

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Categories: Canadian Mining, Corruption, Indigenous Peoples and Consent
Author: Lisa Caripis, Transparency International