Civil Society Fact Sheet on Extractives Governance

The extractives sector/industry involves any operations that remove metals, minerals and aggregates from the earth. Over the years the extractives sector in Kenya has enhanced the exploration and exploitation of diverse minerals the country has, to include oil and gas. The exploration of minerals, metals and other aggregates commenced way before pre-independence, with Soda Ash being explored as early as 1911. In 1940, there was enacted the Mining Act (Cap 306) (now repealed) that governed the mineral exploration. Post-independence, minerals like Magnesite (1965), Fluorspar (1971) were explored. In 2017, the Government of Kenya approved a Nationwide Airborne Geophysical Survey that is set to map the country?s minerals and natural resources. The survey is aimed at attracting more investment into the exploitation of the country?s mineral resources among other key benefits

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Author: International Commission of Jurists